Why Ringostat

Business Phone & Marketing Performance Platform. Communicate. Analyze. Grow.

Business Phone & Marketing Performance Platform. Communicate. Analyze. Grow.

Ringostat is an advanced call analytics and web analytics system that provides businesses with enhanced capabilities to measure and optimize their marketing and sales efforts.

With Ringostat, companies can track the sources and effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, analyze customer calls, track conversions, and measure the impact of marketing efforts on sales.

Key features and benefits of Ringostat include:

Call Analytics.
The system records and analyzes all customer calls, providing detailed information on call timing, duration, numbers, and call outcomes.

Web Analytics.
Ringostat offers comprehensive web traffic analysis, allowing businesses to track visits, conversions, and user behavior on their website.

CRM and System Integration.
Ringostat easily integrates with popular CRM systems and other tools, enabling call process automation and data transfer between different platforms.

Advertising Performance Analysis.
With built-in advertising analytics, Ringostat allows businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns by tracking conversions, costs, and other metrics.

Flexible Reporting and Analytics.
The platform provides extensive reporting and data analysis capabilities, helping businesses obtain valuable insights for decision-making.

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