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The history of White Sales company's journey.

May 2009
founding of the consulting company Mark&Sales
April 2010
launching a series of monthly Sales Cafe events and holding the first Sales Camp conference
January 2011
launching of the first White Sales School
April 2011
moving to the first own office on Saksaganskogo Street
April 2012
The largest sales conference in Ukraine Sales Bomb 2012 at the NSC Olimpiyskiy
April 2013
Sales Bomb 2013 at the NSC Olimpiyskiy
May 2013
Mark&Sales and White Sales School move to a new office in NSC Olimpiyskiy
August 2013
The book "White Sales" release
June 2014
Sales Bomb Renaissance at NSC Olimpiyskiy
January 2015
Launching of Elyseum, the first apartment building in Kyiv (27 floors)
August 2015
First client in Europe, Barcelona
September 2015
Moving to a new large office on Konovaltsia Street
August 2016
Rebranding. White Sales School and Mark&Sales merged into White Sales
March 2017
Launching of a real estate startup - a search service for new buildings Creators.City
November 2019
White Sales became the first tenant in Kooperativ
March 2022
Became co-founders of the "Volonterska" volunteer foundation.
October 2022
Launching of an AI SalesTech startup in the US - Big Sister AI Company
Your opinion and feedback is a great value to us


We tell our team, clients, and partners what we don't like.

everything is possible

We do not use the phrase "it is impossible".


We always improve our work with each repetition of actions.


We embrace change as a constant process and our chosen path.


Work, projects, tasks, and interactions with clients should bring joy and satisfaction.


We make the best version for the selected period and then repeat this process.


We tell our team, clients and partners what we are not satisfied with.


We are not a family, we are a competitive team that strives to succeed at the highest level

Ocean Blue Management

We have no hierarchy, all roles are distributed in the team.


I am responsible for everything that happens to me.

Valentyn Yaromenko
Founder & CEO
Olena Karas
Business Consultant
Tata Gygorieva
Chief Operations Officer
Anastasia Katsan
Business Consultant
Olena Kuzmenko
Business Consultant
Ruslana Romanko
Business Consultant
Vitaly Medvedev
Business Consultant
Ed Koval
Business Consultant
Denys Kondrashov
Business Consultant
Oleg Vavriychuk
Recruiting Manager
Diana Natalenko
Filming Project Manager
Yulia Bodnar
Business Consultant
Antonina Tkachenko
Finance Manager
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