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White Sales is a consulting company specializing in sales management

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Upgrade of the sales business process. We conduct an audit and design a new sales model in terms of processes, people, and machines. We are developing customized standards, integrating softwares, setting up analytics, and training the team to work with it. You will see real sales results and be able to track them in real time.

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invasion of Ukraine. we continue to work remotely.

charitable donation

There is a war in our country. The armies of russia and belarus are shelling our cities and towns, killing civilians and the military. Despite everything, the White Sales team is in Ukraine and works online!

In addition, we are rendering our services worldwide within the usual terms and conditions. If you’re willing and ready to help our country resist the aggressor, we would be utmost grateful for any charitable contribution.


We thank our customers and partners for bringing our common victory closer

We actively participate in volunteer projects and create our own. You can read about free initiatives for Ukrainian businesses on our social media channels.

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We create Ukrainian-language content about sales and "blue ocean leadership"

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YouTube channel about sales and management