“White Sales” philosophy is when sales should make happy both: the customer and the seller.

The basics of white sales

  • Care

    We find out the customer's need and sell what he or she really needs. Even if he came after another.

  • Community

    The new client comes to the company not after cold calls of the secretary, but on the recommendation.

  • Collaboration

    Respectful communication and no intense bargaining: It is important to sell, not to express your opinion.

  • Fair price

    We do not attract by discounts or kickbacks, but find out why the client came and offer him the market price.

Author of White Sales Philosophy

Valentin Yaromenko

White Sales, Owner: Consulting + Recruiting + School.

Owner of the brokerage company Creators City: Residential buildings in Kyiv and Cyprus.

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The book describes a sales approach relevant to the 21st century. Sales are successful only when they are open, sincere and based on customer recommendations. The book provides a number of practical examples of this approach, as well as a theoretical justification for these or other sales recommendations. The book is intended for a wide range of readers, whose activities are related to business, sales and sales management.

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