About us

Friends, hello!
Our country is at war. The armies of Russia and Belarus are shelling our cities and towns, killing civilians and soldiers.

Despite everything, the White Sales team is located in Ukraine and works online!✊
We actively participate in volunteer projects and, in addition, we offer our own. Read about our free initiatives for Ukrainian business in our social networks.

In addition, we are ready to implement our services in other countries in the usual conditions. However, we transfer at least 50% of our income to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
If you want and can help our state to resist the aggressor, you can make a charitable contribution:
here: https://savelife.in.ua/donate/ or here: https://bank.gov.ua/ua/news/all/natsionalniy-bank-vidkriv-spetsrahunok-dlya-zboru-koshtiv-na-potrebi -armiyi

Glory to Ukraine!



We carry out complete sales management outsourcing for the client. The sales system allow to the company to grow and develop.

It connects all divisions of the company into one whole, providing real communication with the client. We believe that sales, like a heart, should work naturally and without interruption.



We have been consulting for over 9 years managing the sales departments of companies in different directions, working to increase sales. We are looking for specialists in existing teams or we form a sales team from scratch.

We know what a good sales person is, how to check him or her and what to teach. Business is shaped by people. The salesperson is the company's image for the client!



The Sales Business School was founded in 2009 and has graduated more than 600 students. We have created a free course “White Sales Online”: it is accessible to everyone to get acquainted with “white sales” philosophy.

Our practical courses are suitable for those who already have experience in sales and want to systematize their knowledge and improve results.



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