Account Executive

We are looking for an Account Executive to join the White Sales team. Our primary responsibility is developing and selling our products in the United States and Europe.

White Sales
Account Executive
office / remote / hybrid
English, fluent

Who are we?

White Sales — is a sales management consulting firm founded in 2009 in Kyiv.

Products. Our sales expertise develops in 3 categories:

  • processes (white sales),
  • machines (SalesTech),
  • people (teal management).

The market — is Ukraine, Europe, and the USA.

Mission Good should sell more.

Why "white"? We hate all solutions and methodic which can negatively affect clients or salespeople. So we created a “blacklist” for all bad things in sales and made another one - “white” with perfect and friendly. It has become the core of white sales methodology.

The job requirements are:

  • To conduct the complete sales cycle: from the incoming request of a potential client to payment control and the results of the provided services ;
  • To communicate with customers. We hate cold calls! You are an expert to whom the clients refer for consultations. You are a professional who speaks with owners and C-level managers of different companies.
  • Brief and offer. To analyze the client's needs and prepare an offer with detailed stages and clear deadlines for problems solving.
  • Transparent. To record all activities and results in the CRM. 
  • To generate ideas for the company and its product development.

Why you?

  • Experience. You have at least two years of successful experience in sales of the project or consulting services;
  • Hard skills. You have skills in working with documents and using cloud solutions: mail, calendar, disk, and task managers;
  • Soft skills.  Attentiveness to details, knowing how to argue and defend your opinion, and competently conducting business correspondence;
  • Business. You are interested in business: marketing, sales, finance, production, innovative technologies, etc.;
  • Language. Fluent in Ukrainian and English.

Why we?

  • Against cold calls. We work only with warm leads;
  • Teal management. We have a horizontal company structure without hierarchy and managers. Instead, we focus on the results and allow everyone to plan their working hours independently.
  • Development. We work with various areas of business. You will communicate directly with the owners and top managers of well-known companies, which will allow you to expand your business expertise;
  • Growth. You can combine and change roles within the company, as well as participate in the launching of new products. Our US business is now launching Big Sister AI, a service that improves sales quality and results through algorithms, data, coaching, automation, and artificial intelligence;
  • Education. In addition, we offer internal training programs (The Sales, The Management) and sponsor external professional training programs.
  • Full-time remote. Everyone plans work hours independently, focusing on results rather the time. Most major team members work from 10 to 7 p.m. Kyiv time. There is an opportunity to work in a comfortable office of Kooperativ workspace at Sichovyh Striltsiv street, 23A (near Lviv Square).
  • Tools. We use Zoho, Pipedrive, Google, ClickUp, and others.

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